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8:46 a.m. - June 02, 2005
My Mystery Auction!
I didnt write yesterday. I had a hangover. I think I am very much obcessed with Ebay. And if anyone that reads this wants something wicked cool I am doing a Mystery Box Auction. Check this out Rock & Roll Mystery Box. Yea I got alot of shit and duplicates of stuff. Concert and band Tshirts...just alot of crud. So I put it in a box and let the chaos begin...or not.

I am gonna lay low again this weekend. I am gonna book my hotel room for LA and then just chill at home.After I get that done I will be good to go! Next weekend is go to Dallas for the Black Mollys with Adrian.

Did I mention that Luckys WIFE called me the other day? I guess she got the telephone bill and he had called me 79 times fromhome. AHAHAHA. A lil brush with reality. His birthday is sunday and I havent gotten his shit together. Oh well I am not too concerned with all that.

I need to write some reviews and get some stuff done for the mag. I guess I can focus on that this weekend.

OI found out yesterday that my bosslady has been promoted. THAT changes the whole dynamics of what is happening here. It means, I am sure, the phlegminator is here to stay, I dunno what will happen to me, I dunno who will be our boss or if peeps will be transferring out. I mean I got it good here...I dont wanna change!

Doing okay on the diet. Evil Jennifer put cupcakes onmy desk..I havent eaten one but the temptation is GINORMOUS!



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