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8:21 a.m. - June 06, 2005
Tom Cruise & Backwards Movies
So I am getting ready for work this morning and am watching a preview for the new Batman movie..(can you say "STOP NOW!! Enough with the Batman moovies and enough with doing movie epics FUCKING BACKWARDS!!!)


WHY THE FUCK are the movie people doing this shit?? Batman came out ..then it weas batman returns and then Batman and robin..Okay Im cool with that..Now Batman Begins? And look at this Star Wars I even NEED to elaborate on that? It was the same with The Raiders trilogy...If you read the books you would realize THEY were backwards too...Re-GODDAMNED-Diculous.

Okay back to what I was initially ranting about...anyways I see a commercial for this fucked up batman movie..and that chick that is fucking Tom Cruise comes on TV. Now I am NOT a Tom Cruise fan..and I am REALLY not one now that he has got the apparant thoughts that he can have ANY girl he wants cuz he is TOM MOTHA-FUCKIN CRUISE. And excuse me but what is this chicky thinking? He is old enough to be her DAD..but thats cool cuz she is the pre-teen fucking TOM MOTHA-FUCKIN CRUISE. I bet this chick doesnt even shave her legs....if he gets em any younger ..well I dont have to say what THATS all about. whats her name? Katie Holmes? Fuckin hell.

I didnt do anything at all this weekend. I sold stuff and listed stuff on Ebay and chilled out. Yesterday was Luckys b-day and he went to Disneyland with his wife. I was totally bummed all day and he never called me. So I am thinking I may not talk to him today. I need to re-think this. It was kinda a reality check., hell maybe i need to talk to him about it. In the mean time I am gonna just hang and get ready for my vacation.



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