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10:20 a.m. - June 08, 2005
Selling, Concerts and Faster Pussycat
Wierdness abounds. I sold my first Mystery Rock and roll box and have been emailing the cat that bought it...I think I know him from Dallas in the 80's. He hung out at On The Rocks and the Theater Gallery when I did too...WIERD. Oh well if nothing else I got me a new friend!!! Doesnt hurt that he is cute :)...

I got a new CD yesterday...Plastic Toys from England. That CD kicked me out of my slump and I cranked out 2 reviews today already...check em out this afternoon.

I gotta ship stuff for ebay sales tonight and I am gonna chill and clean the house. Jess is going on Howard Stern tomorrow so that should be interesting.

I am gonna get to go to Cinderella, Metal Chick from work is gonna go with me! I am so excited about that. I emailed Jizzy to see if he wanted to hang out ...should be cool.

Adrian called last nigiht and we deiced we are going to see FP at all the dates that are close enough for us to that mean anything within a 250 mile range at LEAST...Houston, Austin, Wichita, YESSS!!!



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