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9:27 a.m. - June 10, 2005
Mailman Rant and other Nonsense
I went out last night. I came home and chilled a bit and then went to Classics. Funny thing is it isnt fun without V. Dunno what that is all about but oh well. I am not going to go into the events of the evening because...well there wasnt any...I drank and talked to some cat at the bar..he was nice enough but kinda icky...nuff said. He did ask me out and telling him no was hard cuz the cat just didnt get it. Even the ring on my 'ring' finger didnt deter him. He prolly woulda been great had he like 30 lbs on him and no wife beater...savvy?

I wanna go out tonight but whats the point? There is nothing going on and I need to save more $$$. We have staff meeting at 3 and then a few of us may go get a cocktail..who knows. I guess i could get dressed and just go it alone...but thing is there isn even any good shows tonight except in Tulsa. I dont wanna drive there fuck I might as well just go to Dallas if I am gonna do that...

Im amped...I am going on monday to get my passes for Cinderella and Ratt concert. Its gonna be great. Queenie found out today that most all systems are go for the LA gig..thats a good thing...Now if Lucky and I can just relax it'll be even better.

I love it when my life is going along decently and all is right with the world...

Okay I Just decided if my Axl shirt comes today I will go out tonight ..if not then I stay home...thats a good way to decide...leave it up to the mail man.

Speaking of the Mail Mna...THAT fucker is so slow we didnt get any mail yesterday but i think he sjust skipped our house all together. And it wasnt til close to 8pm before I even saw the mail truck.

Speaking of Mail...well I dont get it...I mean I know its hot as fuck outside mid day. And I know walkng around carrying mail can be a pain int he ass when its 90+ outside and signed up for that Mr Mailman. And if you are som miserable doing the job inthe heat then for fucks sake get moving earlier. Cuz I am sure I speak for most people when I say ...we might be expecting somethingn in the mail. I mean what happens if I needed somethign comiong in the mail meds or money??? And if I dont get it till 8 or 9 PM...well dude that may be too late.

When I was little our mailman Mr. Plunk always had tootsie rolls for the kids and he had the mail there at fuckin NOON! I am confused WHY the mailman here in the Armpit cant pick up the pace a little??? I am waiting on 2 items i purchased...a rebate check and CD's...i am an impatient mother fucker and I need the MAIL! I am sure I speak for everyone out there that has a slack ass postal worker....GET ME MY MAIL!!!



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