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8:34 a.m. - June 14, 2005
A B C Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson. The freak on everybodys lips today. I have to get my two cents in for what its worth so here goes...I have come to the conclusion that I would NOT have been a good person to have on this Jury...people out in public (the right wing people..the ones that think he is guilty as sin) woulda hated me cuz I AGREE with the jury.

Now I must admit at first i thought...burn the fucker...sure...just like everyone did or does. BUT after taking a step back...I realized that I only said that so that Celebrity Status wouldnt TRUMP all charges. We all know, with the exception of Martha Stewart (who really doesnt count), this has ALMOST ALWAYS been the case...OJ Simpson, Vince Neil, the list goes on. If you have enough money and enough status you can get away with...murder..right? right! Well I think the only thing propeling me to say BURN JACKSON was 2 things...
A. He woulda be in the hole next to Charles Manson
B. I wanted the celebrity world to see that if you commit a crime you will do the time. SOMEONE needed to be made an example of.

Now allow me to elaborate a bit more.

First...People say Michael Jackson and his behavior is not normal. Who defines what is normal? I think I am normal, however ALOT of people would disagree. Hitler thought burning jews was normal...people disagree. Who is normal and what sets the standard definition of the word?

Second...My niece is 7 yrs old and VERY influential. If her mom (my sis) or her dad told her that her step fater, kissing her on the cheek was molestation, she would believe them. Because you see, even tho they say they understand, kids (7-10yrs old) believe in US as adults to speak the truth. When the fact is we DONT. And so this boy, whose mother was filing charges on Michael, told her kid he was molested, the kid prolly believed her cuz she is his mother. Was her definition of Molestation correct? I highly doubt this woman broke out a sex/pedifile book and walked her kid thru it. So when she told him that sleeping in bed with a 45 yr old man was molestation, and he was asked if he was molested, the kid would state the obvious...yes. Was Michael's actions inappropriate? Maybe/Maybe whose definition?

Third...We all know there has been other trumped up charges agains Michael about messing with kids and the familys were paid a healty sum of cash to make it go away. So lets look at this. Yea its NO SECRET this went on. Parent that let their kids go to Neverland and then saw an opportunity to get rich quick. Okay one time is bad enough, two times worse...but for the sake of all thats holy...this mother (the one in the trial) KNEW about this. And still she allowed her child to stay at the Ranch. Now my questions are this...

A. If you were a parent (or are a parent) and you knew there had been accusations of illicit acts with a child, would you let your kid GO ANYWAYS??? I think not.

B. Could this mother be thinking "KA CHING!"? Oh Prolly.

C. Did anyone actually WITNESS the acts? Or was it words from a kid who had been coached on what to say and a Mother with other motives, whose words were hrearsay from a kid after SHE told him what had happened?

D. Alchohol? Gimme a break.

Look If I was a kid, and some famous cat had a big ass ranch with wild animals and rides and fun...fuck yea I would wanna go...Hell whats the difference between that and the guys in the animal suits and clown suits at Disneyland? Not alot in my opinion. And I think there is probably MORE than Just Michael Jackson at Neverland Ranch. You think HE is gonna keep that place shiny and fun? NAW.

So I am sure alot of you out there wont agree with me and I dont care. But I have reasonable doubt here. Michael Jackson, at one time was a GREAT entertainer. You ALL probably owned Off the Wall or Thriller and I know you all sang it and had a jacket (or wanted on) in the 80's. SO before you pass judgement on ONE or Two Peoples me a couple of favors...

A. Look at the BIG Picture.
B. Look In the Mirror and decide if you are the poster child for normal (and if so please let me know so I can let Websters and all the Officials know)
C. Try not to be so quick to pass judgment on someone because YOU dont agree with everything they do.

Yea Michael is a high profile guy. And Yea I agree because of this he is up for anything people dish out. Because people are jealous and greedy they will stop at nothing to destroy another being if they think they can benefit from it. Thats fuckin pathetic in my opinion. Sure Michael needs to walk the straight and narrow from now on and stay the hell away from kids, just for his own good. The last thing we need now is some psychopath gunning the guy down like a snyper in a tree top while Michael and BoBo ride the Tilt-A-Whirl...



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