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9:03 a.m. - June 15, 2005
Humpday...It's Gonna Storm
Paypal and Banks are todays version on NAZI America. I got up this morning and Paypal had sent me a fuckin email saying that I had submitted an affadavit that there was fraudulent activity on my paypal account. So the money that I had transferred to my bank account was reverse. So I spend the majority of the AM on the telephone with Paypal getting the limitations lifted...THEN I log onto my bank account and Paypal has charged me a buck. WHY? I hadta then call the bank and have them put my DOLLAR BACK.

So I have a whole lotta nada to do today.. I am not feeling 100%. Maybe an allergy flare up again. Maybe too much cheese? Who knows.

Yesterday I was feeling a bit stagnant about my relationship with Lucky. And how when we talk we dont say much anymore. However I talked to this guy for a bit and I realized I would rather have a lot of no speak than hours of some guy yammering about nothing. I am once again hyped about LA.

It looks like rain outside again...*le sigh*



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