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9:17 a.m. - June 27, 2005
DVR, A/C Drama
I didnt write last week. Fuck I was buisy and so not into it at all. I really dont have alot ot repost to be honest I am just chilling and counting the days till Queenie and I invade LA. Its gonna be the best. So many people aleady talking about partying with me. Just like old home week.

So lemme see whats up...I am still selling shit like crazy on Ebay...I am gonna get into another closet this week and pull shit out. I have become obcessed with selling...

All week I pretty much sat home and did nothing...ok wellthat ist entirely ture..I fought again with Cox is a recap....

My DVR broke again on the 15th. The power supply went kaput so I called the cable people and they couldnt have anyone out til the 23rd. All I wanted was someone to bring me another DVR. No service call no nothing. But the girl who I talked to was a complete bitch. I accepted the appointment and smacked the DVR around a bit and it started working again. Its a good thing I didnt cancel the appointment cuz sho nuff the bastard thing broke again.

So the cable person comes out on thursday (between 8-10 was the schedule) at 10:30 and she does NOT have a new DVR. Even tho on the work order it says 'NO POWER TO DVR'. She tells the Yeti she hasta go find one and that she will call and be back before 2:30 when he leaves for work. He never hears from her again. Then I call them and no one can find anyone to come back out. No one can explain why there isnt anyone to bring me a new DVR. Then no one can comeou t til Saturday morning to bring me a new DVR. it was fuckin ridiculous. I was on the phone with the fuckin cable people every hour and no one had answers for me. Jack asses.

Cable plight amended I continue on with my day by shopping with mom...WHO procedes to tell me what I like ..I finally told ehr that I dont like clothes with applique's and she best stop pushing that shit on me..I so do not dress like that...I am on a mission for some turquoise espadrilles and its making me NUTS!

Then home and do nothing on saturday night...yesterday I went to Brunch at the lake and chilled with Sherri. Then last night about 4:30 my A/C blew up. FUCK! At least I am in an office witha good A/C unit. I gotta stop and get beer on the way home tonight. It is certainly gonna be a hot one..BUT I am gonna discount my rent for the inconvience. Fuckin asshats. The thing is that if either the slum lord or the A/C guy had issues and they ahd families..there would be an emergency crew out fixing it right away.

So thata about it...Things are good with Lucky and work...I am just chilling for the next 32 days ...



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