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1:24 p.m. - July 01, 2005
The 4th and Buttholes
My undying question is THIS.......

What the fuck is up with men and their obcession with the BUTTHOLE? You say the word and they pop their load like its new years champagne. Idiots.

I guess the butthole is the new and popular nasty place at present. It used to be taboo to even think about going there but now it is mainstream and if you dont lick or take it in the BUTTHOLE...well you just arent cool.


I am going to see this show tomorrow with Metal Chick.

I am so excited I cant wait. We got great seats, so if it rains I am not gonna miss a thing. We may hang with Jizzy after the show...

Sunday I am gonna sleep all fuckin day and then monday I am gonna go to the farm and drink with sis and swim. All in all shouldnt be a bad weekend.

I got a couple more kick ass outfits for my trip AND the espadrilles I was wanting.

The roomie hasnt gotten his check yet so I can t do anything til he pays me. Makes me crazy he is such an idiot. The internet wasnt working well so I hd to go home and not go to lunch to let the cable people in to fix it. He was at his work waiting for his check. he coulda called and seen if it was there and then saved us all alot of hassel...but he isnt that smart.

I am gonna try to shag ass outta here early today and go home and sleep. I think I may need a cheeseburger but then again Ill never get skinnier if I eat bread.

Oh and for the record...chickyblonde is a Nasty Hooker and I love her...she gives new meaning to the word "SuperTramp" and I have never had a better Ebay buddy in my life...hey I want to assemble new ensembles woman lets GO GO GO!!!

Im out fuckers...have a stupendous 4th...



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