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9:12 a.m. - July 07, 2005
It is SELDOM...and I mean SELDOM that I am suprised. It happens...but not often a I am always alert and guarded. Well it happened.

So I am goofin around on the net and run across one of those dating sites. Yea I have been known to frequent them for sheer entertainment as I had resigned myself to expect nothing from any of them. This particular one has the ugliest fucking guys I have ever seen in my life....

So I am on there playing around and taking pics and ads and putting them on my friends pages on MySpace and I get a message from this guy on there...very ambiguous and vague at best...but local and that was cool. We chatted back and forth with no real subnstance and he agreed to possibly show up for drinks on wednesday night...he VZD's.

I came so close to falling off my stool when he walked in. Talk about a picture...We drank and drank and drank and talked and and and...and I am gonna leave it at not one to kiss and tell....but i am still searching for my breath.

Allow me to say however that things happen for a reason and after last night I am realizing WHY I am here.



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