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6:16 p.m. - July 09, 2005
I really like this guy..
How can it be in a matter of hours/days I can become so wanting to be with somone? Chris left a bit ago to go do laundry and a little work. I miss his presence. Maybe its cuz it is new? Hmmmmmm.

He took me out last night to a bar on the southside of OKC to meet his 'posse' (for lack of a better term.) Well i had to pass the big test which is Frank. He is an enigma at best. Older than Chris, A little bitter and angry, from what I can tell low self esteem. He posses the characteristics to have disciples and is angry enough to make women want him. I, however, find him a bit amusing, not attractive and a bit sad. He hit on me once during the night...I was not amused. I think he was seeing where my loyalty was. That aside he is fun and pretty nice. Alcohol makes people wierd.

Chris' other buddy is Mike. Mike, well I dunno whether he is coming or going. I think he has a sweet smile and his girlfriend is just plain scary as fuck.

We got up this morning to the A/C guys coming to finally repair my A/C. Bastards...then we laid around. We went to Irmas for burgers and then he took off to go do some shit. He called on his way home with a flat tire. He siad he is okay but he is buggin driving ona donut. I totally understand.

He called a bit ago and told me that his friends were giving him shit about having a girlfriend now. He said that Frank said "So thats how its gonna be now huh? Blow us of for her?" Well I totaly think that is just bullshit but instead of pulling a crazy and demanding to see him...I let it go and told him to go be with his friends. I dont wanna be THAT girl.

To be honest anyways...well I havent slept alone since wednesday. I miss it a little seeing as how I am really used to it. So I think now I am gonna go to the store and get some food. Come back here and crank up the tunes and hang records in my room. He said he might come over later tonight...we shall see about that. For now I Am gonna kick back and just take a breather. I got a percocet I have been hanging onto for just a special occation...I am thinking this may be it. The big test will be if he shows up here or not. He said if he didnt he would be here in the morning. The morning to him is possibly noon at best?? Ah....well....I am out I just wanted to update while I have the chance.



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