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9:11 a.m. - July 12, 2005
Hell Tour part deaux
Welcome fans to Day Two of Your Tour of Hell.

Just kidding..well sorta anyways.

I must say I think that the planets must be a bit "off" in the house that controls men.
Queenie is having issues with Pinche' Dave, Lucky is completely outer limits. I cant handle all the I detach from it...well as far as Lucky is concerned. I am ALWAYS here for my gurls.

Factually, I have been having some serious issues with him anyways for a while (see past entries). And like I said it was fun in the beginning...but one can only do the virtual relationship for so long. Shit I tried it forever with Fixx and see where that went?

Chris changed his "status" on MySpace yesterday to "In A Relationship" and then L Cunto put a comment that says " Hey Vix's dude we've got our eye on ya! Welcome to the family." I am SURE when lucky starts mining info off my page...well...its not gonna be pretty. And for the record NO I am not enjoying it.

I am not a cold hearted bitch...I wasnt LOOKING for just happened...and he is wonderful...I have gone thru alot of Baloney to get this guy and I am NOT letting him go...

I suppose any fallout is my own fault but in all honesty I knew that the Lukcy thing was a delusion. For us both. we were both ing aplace where we needed validation...its done...I hadta get past it. And as much as I do NOT want to admit it...well Brandy may have been right once. Lucky was a distraction to keep me from meeting a guy here. Also however let me prewarn all you single sinderellas out there...when you least expect it.......



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