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2:41 p.m. - July 13, 2005
The Great Barrier Reef

I try very hard to stay disconnected and not let anyone (man) near me. My record with relationships is BAD and I always get hurt. I meet someone new and come out of my great barrier reef of safety, I think...okay maybe this one will be different. I think..if I dont let myself TRY I will never know AND I could possibly deny myself the one chance to be really happy....

What do I get? Nothing..Games, mind games, emotions I cant handle and yet another emotional upheaveal.

I dont think that all is lost with my new love interest, however I think I mighta fucked up trying too I am ...for now...going back into the Great Barrier Reef of aloneness and throw myself into my work.
I need my friends right now more than ever.



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