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8:39 a.m. - July 18, 2005
Happiest Monday ever
Interesting weekend to say the least....where to start....

I got home and the tentative plan ws that Chis and I were to meet up (meaning I go get him) at the Alley. He was there witrhFrank and Mike. I picked him up and we hauled ass back to VZD's to see Glister shine like a diamond. Then on a whime we headed back to the Alley. When we got there Frank and Mike had left. We had a couple of beers and before I knew it i was doing the dance of the 7 veils for Chris. I was so in the xone it was wierd. I didnt know what was goin on around me. The next thing I know Chris and I are getting thrown out of a BAR on the mullet side of town...Chris said there were at LEAST 17 men standing around us. His terminology was 'it was like they were circling the wagons. It was hilarious.

Saturday we got up and went to Irmas for burgers...then off to meet his Dad. We were gonna get his car and his cell charger. But we didnt..just got clothes and too off. We went to Henry Hudsons and drank then home, Chilis and pub crawling all night. We worked thru all the baloney I think and finally came out playing on the same team. I let him sleep all day yesterday. We never got online and never used the telephones. It was delightful.

I got up this morning and took him to work. I am gonna go get him after work..Head to happy Hour and then home again....Im Happy...its been a long time



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