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8:38 a.m. - July 26, 2005
Moving Offices
I am being forced to relocate my area at work. I hate change. People that know me know this and it has been a HORRIBLE fight for Prime Real Estate on floor 2. Of course when push comes to shove, me being a contract employee, gets pushed... and I get no choice where I sit. Fuckers...Im cool tho I ended up with a pretty choice spot so its okay. I am just gonna miss my old desk...

Chris moved some clothes in last night. I was so happy to clean out my closet for him. I aodre him So fuckin much.

Its three days til I go to LA. I am looking forward to it but I am gonna miss Chris. Shawna seems to think the time apart will do us some good. I hope so. Tracy is going now so that should add a twist of fun. Thing is Shawna and I are all about relaxing and having fun...Tracy wants to hook up...NOT IN OUR ROOM. We have boyfriends and we dont cheat...

Speaking of cheating...I am NOT looking forward to seeing Lucky. I mean I do wanna meet him however...I think he will get all jacked up on me and that is gonna be real uncomfortable. Well I always have my homies to save me. At least he has settled down a bit with the calls and the emails.

Okay well I know this is short but I have ALOT t am OUT!



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