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9:40 a.m. - August 07, 2005
Inoculation and Beep Day
Today is inoculation day.

I have returned from LA LA land and back to the normalcy that I need. Chris is still moving stuff in and that is a good thing. I need to figger out where we are going to live and if we should ask Russ. I thiknk not but we have a while to figger all that out.

Yesterday Chris and I went and picked up his daughter Karmen and went to dinner with his family (strp mom, dad and half sister) at my ex-brother in laws restaurant. Trace is Chris' brothers boss. (for those that dont know Trace is Kels ex husband) Chris was pissed cuz we wanted to go alone and dad invted himself and the evil step monster. The lil girl is adopted and wierd beyond reason. Cute but strange. We left there and came home then Chris and Karmen and I went to get Ice Cream. That was fun. She is a FABULOUS kid and I want her around all the time! Chris has made plans to bring her around next weekend and I am glad.

As far as what I meant by inoculation? well Chris and Karmen are going with me to the farm to meet the fam. I have NEVER brought a guy around this soon ...or really ever if the truth be told. But I am so sure this is right I wanna do this so he [they] can become part of the fam now. Today is Parkers one year birthday party and we are gonna swim and have a luau. Kel is making burgers. It should be fun. As long as mom is on her best behavior we will all be happy.

I made breakfast this am. It suck to be the only one in the house that gets up. I cant wake chris up and Karmen is sleeping on the couch. Russ of course is still in bed so me and the birds are it. Im gonna go put the food away and say fuck it. They can reheat it or wait til lunch I say. In the mean tme I am going to enjoy the hell outta my new found life.



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