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7:10 p.m. - August 08, 2005
SO I go to LA...I had a blast...Queenie and I had alot of fun...Saw old friends, cried a little, Drank a little, got chased by trolls, Played with nudie man cards, had chocolate milk and hawaiian BBQ, walked 40 miles, rode a subway, saw Lemmys mole, saw CC Devilles LIPS, cried some more, laid out, yelled at idiots, hot tubbed, had champagne, SHOPPED, got new flip flops (thanks Queenie!!!), had 2 black eyes (hahahahahaha),Ran away from bars, got ripped off by cabbies, saw over priced clothes, saw under dressed hoochies, caught a buzz, engourged at the Pig & Whistle, wondered who at the Days Inn can afford a HUMMER, had a scary knocker in the middle of the night (beat it fucker), called a cabbie a fucknut, didnt play Yatzee, evaded pinworms and thats no bullshark!



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