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11:12 a.m. - August 09, 2005
Do what you gotta do
I am a nice person.
And I rarely ever snap.
Until I have lost all bearings of reason.

This is not a place I am proud of. And I dont let my unhappy self come out. Unless I am backed into a corner. And I was. Did I react in the correct manner? Nope. Im not proud of it. I siad I was sorry. I took it back. Doesnt matter it seems. I stand by all I said...This is NOT they way it is supposed to be.

I can only say I am sorry so many times before it sounds redundant. If the person I am apologizing to cant accept it and get past it there isnt much I can do now is there?

So here it is....move forward or not...the choice you make is your own. In Life, In Love, In everything. But I know being stagnant is not where I wanna be...I cant beg, I cant make other peoples decisions. All I can do is let them know...that when they are ready to let this go..and move forward...Im the mean what you gotta do...I cant make you understand or fogeive if you arent willing to.



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