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11:46 a.m. - August 11, 2005
The Rocket Widget Revealed..Part Un
Hokay So...

Last night me and Chris eat at the fave asian diner and decide on the way home to darken our fav local ale house for ONE BEER! (Believe it or not fair readers it was NOT a boozer night...AMAZING!)

Upon entering the wateringhole the barkeep had a GUINNESS Draught ready and waiting for Chris and we are off to have a cold one.  My facination with the widget inside the GUINNESS Draught will forever keep me amused and curious.  And after Chris had emptied the can* I started my habit of shakin it around to hear the widget knockin about.   Well Chris took out the trusty Swiss Army gaget he carries (see example below) and began opening the can.  This was against all I stand for but the curiosity was killing me.


Revealed to me is the widget for the Guinness Draft in a Can...

The humble widget is no small took decades of inspiration and over $9m to perfect....The widget in the can is a 1/2 filled gas chamber with a tiny hole that sits atop every Guiness Draft Can

Upon opening, the pressure in the can drops....a jet of beer and nitrogen are forced out of the widget...and deep inside the can ..a surge is born.

To get the best results from your Yummy GUINNESS Draught in a can, chill your GUINNESS Draught can down to about 3.5C (38.3F) for at least 3 hours. Steady your hand and take a deep breath. Open, automatically activating the widget, and carefully pour the whole can into a tilted glass in one smooth action, straightening the glass as it fills.

*Now as a side note I must say..I have yet to be in posession of a Rocket widget from the Bottle GUINNESS Draught.  However ...I do have the bouncy Rocket Widget from a can of GUINNESS Draught in my purse...I shall cherish it always....

So stay tuned for more Widget updates and schooling....

Peace Fuckers!



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