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8:17 a.m. - August 12, 2005
Drunk at Hudsons..Again
I got a lil hammered last night at Hudsons withthe squeeze. I think I upset him when I was asking all the people sitting at the bar their thoughts on the Butthole. I was being the butthole.

We came home and had a lil nookie...was was early and I think we both were hammered a bit more than we thought.

We are supposed to have Karmen again this weekend. I am excited. I love being around her. She is such a breath of fresh air. We are gonna go eat chinese tonight and then I am going to a party with Taryn and mom tomorrow AM at "A Place For Tea" and hopefully Karmen will go with me.

Well I am off for another day in the salt mines..then into an UBER-Fab weekend...

Peace all ya'll catch ya on the flipside!



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