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8:33 a.m. - August 15, 2005
Another Fab-O Weekend!
What a great weekend for the books! Everything with Chris is spectacular!!! Karmen came again for the weekend and Friday night we went to Pei Wei, then the mall and the bookstore.

We got home and were watching a movie and Chris kept getting text messages from Frank and the boys at the Alley. Karmen and I told him to go but he didnt. He coulda but I am glad he opted not to.

Saturday Karmen and I got up and went to Moms and we took T to a tea party...and Karmen and I had brekafast with Mom at IHop...Chris stayed home and worked and when we all got home we hung out and then went to Cattlemans for dinner. it was okay..their steaks aint all that great. We laid arounf sat night watching movies..we made a feeble attempt at Monopoly but none of us were into it...Karmen woulda won anyways and that it was a good thing we quit...

Yesterday we was a big ass do nothing day...We took Karmen home around 730 and went to Dannys Blues Saloon to listen to some tunes. We had a great talk on the patio while Karment napped...we are gonna get it together and get us a house before October 1.

I am so happy right now...It should be Illegal!



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