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9:27 a.m. - August 17, 2005
Just a great day
So far so good this week. I am glad it is wednesday. Not alot to report really, just cruising thru the week. Last night we went to Hudsons for a few then to Chilis for dinner and by his dads to fix a TV. His dad loves me...its funny...

We went home and chris was a bit buzzed. When we got there the A/C was blowing warm air AGAIN! I am so pissed it makes me crazy!!!!

We have a spectacular weekend planned. There is a Music Festival in Bricktown and alot of great bands playing friday night and saturday. And then next weekend we are guest listed at the Green Door for Sex Slaves...I cant wait.

For hte record I love Chris so much and we are so excited about our own place....It cant happen soon enough!



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