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11:57 a.m. - August 18, 2005
The Ultimate Rocket Widet
So last night Chris and I journied to the local watering hole to partake of beverages.  As usual the topics at the bar stemmed around Guinness Draught and the widget inside that causes me so much joy.  Now I guess not alot of people are aware of the widget because they seemed in awe as Chris took one out of the can for me as a souvenir or the night.  It caused a ruckus and then everyone was on the widget bandwagon.  Its fun so I thought i would elaborate a bit about my favorite subject..the REAL Guinness Draught Bottle Rocket Widget!

So for all you Guinness Draught Bottle lovers give ye thanks to the amazing gift that awaits all of you inside that cold ass bottle of Guinness Draught....

The widget inside the bottle of Guinness Draught is totally different than the widget in the can.

When you first open the bottle of jet of pressurized gas shoots out of the widget causing the head of the beer to begin to form. When you tilt the bottle more gas shoots out of the Rocket widget refreshing your yummy Bottle of Guinness Draught....

Every time you tilt the bottle this action repeats until the beer is gone. Thus resulting in a freshly poured taste with every single tilt.

So put down the glass my friends and pucker up to the smooth deliciously refreshing taste of a Guinness Draught in a Bottle...just ask any Guinness Draught drink and they will tell you ....Its good on Draught..decent in the can..but FUCKING PHENOMINAL in the bottle...

So you Swig, the Rocket Refreshes, The Guinness Beer Surges....

Stay Tuned for More Guinness Learning....

Peace Fuckers!!!



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