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9:45 a.m. - August 18, 2005
Walking on eggshells
SOmetimes I cant figger out Chris...Last ngiht we were playing...then we went to the bar and he showed me yet another text message from some girl and told me he thought it was funny...hmmmmmmm..then wehn the AC man text messaged me about our A/C unit he kept giving me shit about it..MINE was innocent ...she wants to get together with him..I remember he told me that when he shows me shit like that I shouldnt take it seriously and that he is showing me so I know he isnt hiding anything...okay ..well even tho I know its nothing it still bugs me a bit...

Then when we were playing i I would to Shawna or anyone else "fuck off' and now I cant live that down. I love him so much but sometimes I cant tell whether he is coming or going.

We will see what happens tonight



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