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8:16 a.m. - August 19, 2005
Whats Up For the Weekend?
Rolling into Friday is a great feeling even with a fucking semi-hangover...what is buggin is the fact that I wanted to stay home today and sleep...i got a sneeze attack about 3 am and have been up since...then the apin in my hip set in something aweful...then to add insut to sweetie decides he is gonna stay home today..FUCK!I wanna be home in bed..BUT...I will work the wheel and let him sleep it off..maybe ill pick him up some Guinness at lunch. Damn Im a good woman...

Tonight & tomorrow is the Bricktown East Music Fest..its cool its outside and some of my friends bands are playing. 13 Stars and Glister and Star Crash Speedway It should be a fun couple of days.... Over 50 bands and 3 stages...way cool.

I am trying to find Chris and I a house. One of the gasl I work with has one and I got the key...Vonna got all pissed cuz I think she wanted the house and the gal wont rent to her cuz she has 4 dogs..THAT is not my ridiculous....Anyways...Another week on the books...and I am outta here



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