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9:29 a.m. - August 20, 2005
A bad day..AGAIN
I thank the gods everytime I log onto this stupid blog...simply because if I didnt have it I would prolly be in a straight jacket in a basement of a mental ward. Im dead ass serious.

I fucked up royally yesterday. I took a 1/2 day off from work to spend the day with Chris...I got my check and cashed it and then went to the likher store and got 50 bux worth of Guinness and Jack. When I came hime I was greeted by Chris playing on MySpace...(the most evil of all websites might I add). Well I unloaded the booze and to make a long story short I proceeded to get him shit hammered at 1 in the afternoon...bad move on my him shots of whiskey back to back. I didnt know whiskey made him act like alot of other people do on tequila. M~E~A~N.

We were supposed to go to Bricktown and he passed straight out. He wouldnt get up. My fault you see fair readers...I DID I got up and left to go meet Anna and Shelby ....ALONE.

After Anna finished playing I split to come back here and pick him up where the evening took a rather bad turn.

At 8:30 he got up suprised as hell I had gone and come back...without him...and choice words were said. I apologized emphatically and told him that making him sick was not the intended result. NOT good enough. After more choice words he proceeds to tell me to get out of the bedroom and so I go to the couch to watch the Vikings get their asses handed to them by the good for nothing Jets...NICE.

Whilest I lay there in my own misery he gets up...showers and LEAVES. Doesnt ask me to go ...doesnt say where ...just leaves...So I get up get dressed and head MY ass back to Bricktown where the evening was wrapping up.

I needed to have a breather and I think going down there alone might have helped a bit. I was going to go to Classics and as I got closer to the house I decided that prolly wasnt the best Idea so I came home ...where Chris called to tell me he was at Hudsons...I went up there all mopey. I couldnt shake it. I felt so aweful for what I did. We came home and things are ...okay at best. This needs to pass so I am gonna be all normaly til I can see where its headed. I am sure we will be fine and I learned a valuable lesson...Keep the Jack Daniels to myself.

I have tickets for bricktown again today ...maybe he will wanna go...who knows. I just hope like hell he still isnt pissed at me. I just cant take it.



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