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1:15 p.m. - August 25, 2005
I Just Wanna Go away
Have you ever just wanted to fill up the car with gas and a suitcase and drive? NO destination? NO reason...just go....

Thats how I am right now. I am so completely bored to tears here. I feel so stagnant. I have NO real friends here and it is killing me. I would rather be on the road and finding out whats out there than sitting here day in and day out. I feel like a caged animal. I am not saying that I am too good for Oklahoma...just to...wild? No, restless? Maybe.

I am not getting what I need here. Its sad. I should be happy my family is here. And I a way....but I just get nothing...a void from all of it.

Everytime I feel like things are better...they just fall apart. I cant find a good easy foothold. Its like crossing mossy rocks in a river. No matter how hard you try you are gonna fall. Period. Its re-goddamned-diculous!

I cant figger out if I am coming or going and it is making me stark raving mad.



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