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9:24 a.m. - August 26, 2005
Im In A Good Fuckin MOOD
Friday! FINALLY! I am leaving work at 4 and going straight to the bar. I told Chris where I was going to be. If he shows great..if not..well I see what that means...

Its Erins Birthday and Kat is meeting up there after 7...I wish Shawna was going but oh well..she is in Houston.

I feel like i need to go cut loose tonight. I am gonna go be the fun party girl I was before Lucky and LA and all that crapola...Ill prolly get hammered and that is a good thing. I am supposed to see Sex Slaves tonight. Dunno if that will go or not but what the hell...

I am in a really good mood today and I am not aboutto let ANYONE fuck that up...RIGHT NIKKI???



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