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1:49 p.m. - September 02, 2005
Hurricane Baloney

Okay Im a pretty nice person. And I will do almost anything for someone, especially if I care about them.


This fuckin Hurricane shit has me just so pissed off.

Now let me say..I feel bad that the toilet seat of the US was flooded and there is alot of damage and shit. But honestly pick your natural disaster. I live in Tornado Alley..I know this...If the weather gets funky I gather up my birds and my shit and take shelter... I lived in Cali..we had KNOW what to do and you kinda know when they are coming...IF you are proactive enough to LOOK INTO IT!

Now you mean to tell me these people had NO IDEA a hurricane was headed their way? Fuck I did and I dont live there OR watch the fuckin news!

WHY are those people so God Damned stupid that they didnt see this comin?

WHY didnt they rent a fuckin U-Haul and get the hell out and go back when the water is down to access damages?

WHY didnt they spend the extra 40 mil on the levees to up them to handle a level 5 or 6 hurricane instead of thinking "it cant happen over a level 3 here below sea level so screw it"

WHY do these people that were poor..go to the Superdome and destroy it and then SCREAM that they need help? They are lighting FIRES in there for craps sake!

WHY is the guy in charge of the National Negro College Fund saying no one will help cuz everyone there is BLACK??

Are these spoiled brat Americans so deserving MORE hand outs? Can they not look around and SEE that they are getting help and what they are getting they are NOT APPRECIATING and DESTROYING?

Why would I wanna help anyone like THAT?

And then..lets add insult to injury M'KAY?

Walmart..there was what 3 of them damaged? And the Walmart peeps said..."each Walmart can feed 40k people...take what you need before it goes bad"

Now not only did these fucktards go get the food and clothes but they took TV's and Guns and Satellite dish shit...Okay wait a sec...WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU NEED WITH A TV? YOU DONT HAVE ANY ELECRTICITY!!!!

Visualize this if you will...some cajun cruisin down Canal Street, waist high in water and a TV strapped on their back! I wish a renegade alligator (who have the common sense to get to a safe place may I mention) would bite their looting legs off. All these people probably have more NOW than they ever did. INGRATES!

I understand that the kids and old people and people in the hospital didnt have alot of control over what was up...but everyone else did! Go to the bus station and say "hey mister bus homeless and have no money..but I dont wanna die...can i take the bus the hell outta here please????"

Look I dont mean to be mean and cold. Wait yes I do. If I KNEW the right people would get the money I would send I probably would....BUT check this shit...

My friend Jen has fam in New York and lost alot during 911 (which I am totally over that too for the record). People sent check made out TO THE PEOPLE in care of the red cross cuz they didnt know where to send stuff. WELL...Jen told me this morning that her fam got 2-3 buckets of mail daily and most of them were empty enevelopes that used to have CHECKS in them..the Fuckin RED CROSS cashed them and her am NEVER saw the money....So go ahead the relief effort..send em your check.

I told them I have tons of clothes to donate..even willing to give up some SHOES! (those that know me know thats BIG) And what did the red Cross people say? "We dont want that stuff we just want monetary donations"

Fuck it..Im going down to 23rd street bridge and giving THOSE homeless assbags least THEY appreciate it.

Okay I feel better.



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