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1:49 p.m. - September 04, 2005
A little help for the helpless
I look into things and research them..and in my quest to expand my 'psychic' knowledge I found this and a few other websites that can assist in making people smarter than a rock. (oh and for the record I am a practicing witch so I am a bit more 'psychic' than the norm.) Enough of that...thats a whole 'nother entry...anyways here...

I want to give this link to all the people that live in California (ahem) that dont know anything about being prepared for an earthquake...

Oh and this particular page has just OODLES of info on PREDICTION OF EARTHQUAKES

Here is one for Midwesterners that cant be prepared for Bad weather by watching the News

And Here is one for Hurricane Peeps

Now I hope this might assist in some way...AGAIN I prepared...Be proactive and not reactive...Or stick your head in the sand and wait for the elements to swallow you up...your choice.

****FOOTNOTE**** I never said that I didnt feel bad for the people that lost family, friends, pets and homes due to the 'caine...what brought this all on is the people that didnt do shit before and arent doing shit now but whining and bitching for a hand out. People that dont appreciate ONE THING...and the organizations that dont really do shit to help but take money under the pretenses that they will. So if you think I am cold hearted are wrong I do feel bad for them...but the numbnut fuck asses that have stuck around to scream no one is helping them...well, dont get me started again. Oh and a many miles off the coast did this storm start brewing? Yet no one thought it would hit them, or they didnt see it coming....okay.



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