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8:05 a.m. - September 06, 2005
Okay this is the last entry I am going to rant on this natural disaster shit..

I want to CLARIFY a few things....

To begin with..I feel horrible about the devastation and the loss in Louisiana. I do. I feel bad that ANYONE had to go through that. I know the government is sucking wind with the relief efforts...that being said ....lets go to the points.

First...My original entry was not intended to condemn but to question why anyone with 1/2 of a brain didnt think of ways to get out. I pay taxes and I know all my tax money goes to welfare recipients. These are the people that sit around waiting for a hand out..bitch cuz it is never good enough and never appreciate anything given to them. THESE are the people that piss me off. Maybe I need to go get on WIC and live off everyone else for a while...No I choose not too because I have the ability and the want to...not to rely on the government to take care of me. (THATS ANOTHER RANT)..back to original 'first'...I find it hard to believe that all you people out there that blast me for MY opinion...because it doesnt agree with the rest of you sheep...would sit there on your laurels and watch a hurricane rip your life apart...maybe I give everyone too much credit. Maybe I dont wanna admit that 90% of the US is poverty stricken and helpless...You create your wanna live in squallor...your decision.

Second...the previous entrys were NOT intended to discuss EARTHQUAKE or other natural disaster prediction. It was taken way off topic by readers... However I think My point was made when I saw it written that these people KNEW days in advance that this was coming but chose not to even try to leave. MY POINT..they KNEW..they didnt react. And for the might THINK you know when a tornado is coming..but you do NOT know where the bastard is gonna hit. 15 minutes max...and Okies react with diligence and skill...kudos for the Oklahoma weather folks and the people of Oklahoma.

Third...You all say.."How can you KNOW what these people are going through?" I havent said anything personal about me...cuz it isnt really something I feel like sharin, but since you all feel the need to condemn me cuz I 'dont understand' let me tell you that I DO. I have been 2 pennies away from broke and homeless, seriously...I moved away from Dallas without any money in the bank to fall back on, my roomie got us evicted from our apartment and I had NO PLACE to go. I was 1400 miles from home so running to mom and dad wouldnt happen. And my parents and family didnt have any money at the time to help me. So I REACHED out to people. I ASKED for help. And guess what...I was able to get on my feet. I have drive and ambition and I will not be defeated by society or the elements. I had NOTHING except the clothes on my back, no money, no home, I was in a place where I didnt know ANYONE, and yet when I asked...and humbled my self, swallowed my pride, I found out that people do have hearts and will help you. I didnt sit around screaming that I deserve something and I always said thank you. I made an how and when this happened to me isnt important...but rest assured I wouldnt talk about situations like I do if I HAVENT been in them. Allow me to pose a question to all you guys out there condemning me...are you helping the hurricane people? Or are you sitting there watching the news and reading shit on the net, spouting off and talking crap but not actually DOING ANYTHING? You might say "I gave to the Red Cross"...well bully for you know what that 50.00 went to? Didnt think so...There are people here I know that actually went there the day after to help. THOSE people I commend. The rest of you sitting there all comfy...PHTHHHH! Keep bashing me...I at LEAST tried to do something and my offers were thwarted. is very clear some of you hate me...thanks for your comments..but if I am that horrible that you have to blast me on your diarys and on mine ...just buzz off...I have tried to be nice and say hello and get nothing. I have never said ANYTHING BAD about any you, your jealosy of others, your on going rants about how horrible everyone else is, or mentioned your bitterness or low self esteem issues that make your diays so sad. I read your diarys and when I do comment most of you delete it...I dont delete yours even when you tell me how much I suck. So arent worth it so just go away m'kay?

Now I am DONE talking about the Hurricane...done talking about how poor helpless people get no symapthy from me...and having you people tell me how much I suck..I tell you what..when you all are perfect....then by all MEANS make sure you let me know...until then...

Peace Fuckers!

Oh and one last thing...For all you churchers out there...remember God flooded the earth for 40 days and 40 nights and things turned out OK..there is a reason for everything in the grand scheme of things...dontcha think?



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