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10:22 a.m. - September 12, 2005
Weekend recap
Well another blurry confusing weekend.

Friday I met Chris at Hudsons for a few drinks. He told me when he got there he was going out with Frank and the boys...Fine Im going out with Anna. In the interim of out drinking I told him how his 'friend' Frank is vulgar and crude to me when Chris isnt looking and that he laughs at him behind his back. It really upset Chris. I think he needs to see his friends for who they really are. They dont give a shit about him except to get his cast offs. Hell frank even told Chris not to bring me around cuz he wanted to fuck me...what a bastard. He looks like uncle would NEVER happen.

Well I met Anna and we went to Bricktown Brewery. There was a Rolling Stones Cover band. They were good ...Chris Showed up about 11. Drunk and kinda wild. He told me he punched Frank and broke his nose (YAY!!! Im thinking). I feel bad that he did that kinda (not) but he needed to know. I am sure that the 'friendship ' he has with this cocksucker is stronger than the punch so I am sure they wil all be happy together again. But at least, if he did do it he got a lick in for me. I think he did as his story never wavered.

Saturday I worked and then Chris and I went out to dinner and a bit of bar hoppin. Things were pretty good but we couldnt figgureout where to go. We ended up in Bricktowna nd somewhere in the evening he got feeling REALLY sick. I dunno if he was having anxiety attacks...or if he was over amped on redbull, or if things were REALLY REALLY bad. He may have heart issues fuck I dunno. I thought I was gonna have to take him to the hospital. I didnt tho. We went home and we laid down and passed out.

He still wasnt feeling all that great and went home sunday to get some shit done..he came back and had dinner that was nice...then home to owrk. I havent talked to him today..we will see whats up later...I got alot of thiiking and figuring out to do.

On the upnote..Adrians band is playing here on the 7th of October. Hopefully I can spend the whole weekend with him and have a fun filled no stress weekend. I want Chris to meet him...Its important that the tewo most important men in my life meet. We will see what happens between now and then.

I need a vacation from my life.



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