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8:46 a.m. - September 13, 2005
Tired as Shit
I must admit I am uber excited about next week. The reson is because my life will be filled with TV joy. I will Have Rome on HBO on mondays and Nip/Tuck starts up again on Tuesdays (FUCKIN FINALLY!!!) and then on Thursdays the new season of CSI...if I could get Sex in the City back I would be so happy!

Im bummed...Chris called at 12:30 last night and I was passed plum out and didnt hear the phone ring. I had the ringer on low tho and that mighta had something to do with it..or that I was fuckin tired as shit.

I think I have stressed on occation how useless my job is...Today I realized how useless my boss is. She is a suck ass, good for nothing, bother some backstabber...and today she yelled at me cuz I couldnt produce a new key for her desk outta my ass...One thing to say to HER...FUCK OFF!!

I am damn glad its Tuesday maybe this week will go by quick. I need the weekend...and I need a drink...



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