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1:57 p.m. - September 22, 2005
My Experience with Idiots
Im working
Im Hungry
Pops and I decide taco Mayo aint so bad
So I get in the company vehicle and hit the road...

Its an easy order for the drive thru..which in most cases I like to fuck with drive thru morons I am relatively combat-free and I am gonna give this minimum wage earner a break...

Here is how it played out...
Moron: "Can I take your Order?"
Me: " Yea I need...
Moron Interrupting: "hey hold on MKay?"
Me thinking: "Crap"
Moron "Go ahead"
Me: " I need 3 tacos a burrito and a coke" (for real that is exactly my order)
Moron: "I didnt get that what did you want?"

for the sake of time I will just state that I had to repeat the order 6 times

Me thinking: "you gotta be kidding me"

I pull to the is a 19 year old high school drop out (that is a speculation) ARGUING with someother minimum wager about who gets the easiest orders..and how when she gets to the window the orders are easy but he always gets the hard ones.


But that is not the best part...

This guy hands me a TRAY..with my tacos and my burrito on it with a bunch of hot sauce just thrown all over it...the shit was falling everywhere.

Okay now at In & Out in Cali...they ask you if you are eating in your car...(dont ask) and if you are they give you a tray....understandable I suppose. Cali is wierd so you deal.

Anyway, I was NOT eating in my

Me: "Can I have a sack?"
Moron: "A What?"
Me: "Something bag like to put the food in?"
Moron: "Uhm...lemme see"

After deliberation and getting the fuckin manager he returns with my food in the biggest paper bag I have ever seen.

Then I proceed back to work with my GINORMOUS bag of food...

And what happens?

I walk in and Pops says: "Next time could you possibly get a bigger bag?"

Shoot me Now.



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