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6:59 a.m. - October 03, 2005
Rebuilding ME
So it is October.

And I Am re-building myself.

I am tired of Chris and how shitty he makes me feel. He isnt all that. He thinks he is a "GOD" lately and his god complex has gotten way out of hand. I lost control of who I am and found myself turning into, as Adrian would say, A "whip". This last weekend was the deal breaker. Im done.

I have a wonderful weekend to look forward to. Adrian is coming up and his band is playing at Bricktown Live Friday night. He is staying with me and I am gonna TRY to get him to let me go to Kansas with them Saturday Night.

The next thing is for a change in lifestyle. I am gonna cut back on the drinking and I am considering goin black with my hair. I probably wont but it would be alot easier to go incognito.

I got off MySpace completely and I am going to stay unplugged from it for the month of October at tle least. I want a healthy relationship away from that website.



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