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11:44 a.m. - October 20, 2005
Isnt It Odd
How you can be truckin right along...and a song comes on the radio...and it takes you back..WAY FUCKIN BACK..

I guess todays tone is based on Music....

Anyways..Im sittin here doing my shit and Dokken "Its Not Love" comes on the Yahoo Music Station I am listening to.

And all of the suddy I am wisked back in time to when I was 19 living in Dallas. Now anyone that grew up in Dallas is familiar with the legendary days of Forest Lane and how 'cruising' on fridays and saturdays was the thing to do in the mid 80's.

I had a 1982 Camaro Z28 with a crossfire injected engine. Not this bullshit TPI injection that came out later in 84 and car was bad fuckin as with black tinted windows and a stereo system that put others to shame...

I remember going out to Forest (to my parents objections) and cruisin til the early morning...meeting guys and friends out there and parking in the Arbys parking lot and shootin the shit til the cops broke it up.

I remember meeting up with people and heading to some shady characters house and partying til all hours and rollin in the next day to home just to sleep it off all day the next day.

I remember Lisa (my partner in crime and cruising pal), Ronnie (the only other person that had a Camaro with Crossfire Injection..and my rescuer when ever I needed car help), John and Trent (leaders of the local rice burner gang), Shelly (my 'meet ya at Arbys at 10:30 pal)..ah friends...
I would come home from my job on fridays (I worked for Ferrari at the time) and wax my car and polish my Crager Super Sport wheels til I could do my make up in the reflection.

I know you can never go back..and I have been down Forest since then...there are No U-Turn signs and the businesses have no loitering signs in the parking lot...but I can say those few years of cruising hold some of my best memories of growing up..

Okay Im off the 'serious' ride now....Back to thinking about Beer...



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