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8:47 p.m. - October 23, 2005
Hey READ THIS If you think of taking HIM back!
Well I spoke too soon. Chris and I are D_O_N_E. This time for real.

Here is why....

He sucks all my cash..I reflected over the weekend and he has NEVER taken me to dinner or anything...fuck ass

He Lies...I caught him in a number of lies over tha last few days. But the big one was on thursday when he told me his Kid was texting him..I got up friday morning and looked at his text messages on his phone, Some girl named Lora was who texted him and he was flirting all over the place with her...

He is an Alcoholic..I knew he was borderline when he couldnt go a week without going to the bar. HOWEVER..when he pisses the bed in his sleep..thats the LAST STRAW.

So here is the deal...I went to work on saturday morning and he was still in bed wasted. When I got off work I came and took him to his car cuz he was a BITCH. Well on the way there he said to me..."I dont know wheher I should just be up front about this..or just be an asshole" and I said..."If you are going to say something that has the probability of ruining my day...I suggest you keep your mouth shut". We didnt speak another word and the door on the car barely shut before I drove away. Good Bye and Good Riddance.

Plus...I am gonna get this new truck. A 2000 Nissan Xterra and put the Z in the order to get it I need to get rid of some needless expenses and CHRIS is a 400+ dollar a month needless expense...Get rid of him and I get a NEW truck that will be alot better to me than he ever was. Shit we hadnt had sex since I pounded on him. He is a piece of shit and a waste of my time. I am so glad to be alone and happy again...It has been a really long time!



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