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5:56 p.m. - November 15, 2005
Dancing With Inbreeders
As some of you know..and Some do not...I work in the Auto Sales business doing finance, insurance and credit. The people we sell cars too have less than perfect credit and the operation is a buy here/pay here place. We are high interest car loan sharks basically....

To ice this cake we are on the South Syyyyde of Oklahoma City...please draw your own conclusions to THAT.

There are two customers that come in here ..they are brothers. They are Stupid. Their family had no creativity when these boys were born and one is named Donald and the other is Donnie*.

The Donald came in with The Donnies wife to turn in The Donnies truck cuz he woke up pissed off and didnt wanna pay for it anymore. The Donnies wife didnt know why she was turning it in but she was. As they were sitting here The Donald started asking my pops questions about his car lease. Which he obviously didnt understand (too much small type and big words like vehicle, cash, down, residual, trade, pay-off....)

Pointing his fingers in my pops face he proclaimed that he was NEVER told he was leasing the car, he stated that he was buying wait renting it...(isnt that the same as a lease?) Pops said yes he did tell him all of it and showed the Donald where he signed the papers. Pops even offered to 'splain it all again. The Donald then went off on a redneck rant that made absolutely no sense. He was gonna turn in his truck too. Then he said he wanted an oil change. Pops told him it would be 30 minutes. The Brothers wife took off on hoof and more loud talking ensued between Pops and the Donald.

The Donald then stormed out and peeled out sans the brothers wife (who we all assume was hoofing it down Shields Blvd being confused with the other south syyyde hookers).

We gathered on the showroom to discuss the mentality of the inbred when the tele rings and it is the Donnie (the Brother). He wants the car back. It seemed as the conversation went down that The Donnie didnt know he was turning the car in. Pops told The Donnie to come get the car. (I think). The Donnie may be coming in on Friday..should be comical...

I never had any experience with this type of shit when I lived outside of this state....However I must say...on days like make reality TV seem tame....I just dont understand how people can run thru life (and these people werent younguns that hadnt grown up enough to know better...The Donald and The Donnie are in their late 40's) being dumber than a box of rock and not know it. But the one thing I find most humorous is the fact that as stupid as they are...they are CONVINCED that they are right...PERIOD.

*names edited for reasons we all know



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