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7:58 a.m. - January 09, 2006
Add Beer, Buddies & Booze and Whaddaya Get?

When a great group of friends get together for the weekend
Throw in 25 billion worth of beer and 2 cameras
What you have is a free-for-all with evidence!

Lets start the weekend at Henry Hudsons~

Smile Danny it isnt THAT bad!
Oh and thanks for the Peachy thing!!!

The Cutest Couple in the world

Then after a small break we roll the weekend into Saturday where once again the Rat Pack takes total control of the Barrel...Except this time we have a few NEW players.

Besides my addition of Eric..>swoon<
May I introduce the only girl that can out drink ANYONE in the US...Karadise!

"Im Too Pretty For Jokes!"

and then there is Mike...who finally came out from behind the PC and got his ass back from Pennsylvania to see what all the chaos was about. Hope we didnt scare ya man!

Now let the good times roll!
Oh and for the the evolution of sober to drunk in 6 hours or less...

No Ladies ...he isnt going anywhere!

Sing Wendy!

Total Pimp

Eric, Baby I think they Like you

No Annabelle, No One Hasta know where you work, Let me cover it up for you.

Coffee, Tea Or ME?

This shit globbed on my LIPS!

Take Care of your bouncers and they will take care of you


Here we go.

Please explain to me, what kinda person thinks this is a SYLE? Every fuckin time we go here there is some assbag wearing a full suit of cammo. Hun, you are NOT invisible. And if you are looking to get laid rethink that suit.

Leslie is learning, slowly, the pleasure of the penny

Socks...seriously...NO SIR!!

Still Vertical

We are a very affectionate group.
We arent wierd...We are family!

Kara you need a little more lip gloss

Goddamned thats funny shit

So Kiss Me!
Im STILL Standing Up And

Okay I like him...just a little *wink wink*

Damn Annabelle...GIT IT!

Who the hell is HE? She is still vertical.

Or Him?

Thats Eric your kissing Sammy!

Teah has GREAT boobs

Goddamned Kat is Fucking FABULOUS!


Stop Grabbing Azuras Ass Wendy

Kara Decided to show us what she is REALLY made of...

You KNOW it!

Where is my Head?

Someone Spilled BOOZE on Sammys Darts...thats a SIN!

What the Hell is THAT?

Azuras underwear is NON-EXISTANT

But wait...Look at this tat...A Rose by any other name

What the FUCK is up with the TIE??? NO SIR!!!

Be Still My Heart!

Great Night! Great Friends....And Karadise finally quit!

I have never loved anyone as much as I love you guys!
What is scary tho is that we are gonna do it LOUDER and Prouder NEXT weekend!



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