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2:59 p.m. - January 30, 2006
The Rock Never Stops~Or Here We Go Again!

So I hadnt really been out since my Birthday bash. Actually with the exception of a Huddys night with Lolo, Kat, Beaner and Dara, oh and a Wednesday night wine fest I have been pretty reclusive.

So since I had the worst possible day friday and woke up Saturday with dread, Saturday night out with the Rat Pack and the Rock Stars was a welcome activity.

So of course Teah, Eyeball and I are the first to arrive on the Scene. However Teah and I are greated at the door by one of the Bakers Street Super Stars.

Goddammed Annabelle, you are by far the BEST!!!!!

Me, Eyeball and Teah
Fabulous eh?

Kat shows up in all her glory and its time to start the drinking!

Teah I fucking LOVE you!!!

I had a text message telling me the ROCK STARS were coming...But this time Teah gets to actually PARTY with them and not serve the drinks!

Can we count how many pics Makk can be in and throw the horns...
Rock & Roll Cappys Rule!

Holy Shit!!!! JEFF!!!!

Me Dustin And Chris...Chris baby you look soooo much better than last it cuz there is no T.E.Q.U.I.L.A.?

Me and Dustin being DORKS

Listen Closely Kiddies....Big Makk Sabbath has a tale to tell

Good Friends and Great Times...
Me, Teah, Jeff, Makk (with horns) Dustin and Chris...

Hey Chris! Teah has the best tits in the bar....TOUCH THEM.
She likes it really.
Hey Teah..Is Chris a virgin?

A glass broke..I think it was my fault as I was feeling GOOOD and prolly bumped into someone. Teah, even off work, gets employee of the month by takin one for the team and picking up the glass....Jason yelled at her. Ha!

I dont care who you can NOT ask for a better group of friends.
Partial Ratpack
Bridget, Teah, Wendy, Azura, Kat and I

I got my ass kicked by Dustin....I get a rematch...
Oh wait I think I got you back later didnt I?

Then the Appearance and introduction of my friend Frank to the Rat Pack.

Kat Wendy And Frank...I think he fits in just fine.
Rat Bastard sure can drink Snakebites with us...he can stay!

Whatchall talking about there Panda?
Wait...when did YOU get here sexy girl?

Frank and Panda

Look who Panda Brought!
Kat and Precious Matty!!
We Love you Matty!

Me, Makk and Panda...wait NO HORNS???? WTF???

Enter Bridget and her fucking fabulous glasses.

The Chairman of the Board and Daniel.
Daniel hunny you gotta start getting here earlier...

The token tit grab.
Bridget, Kat and Wendy...Wendy LIKES it ALOT!

Teah and the Boys!

Smoochie the Wendy

Lemme Tellya SUMthin!

Me and Dustin

OMIGOD I actually think Frank is starting to have some fun!!
Yea Imma wierdo
(Makks Influence..Horns and tongue...make it stop)

Frank & Azura

Manda, Matty, Az, Makk (with horns) and Beautiful Bridget

Briget Sammich

Best Friends...the Best Of Times
Teah, Kat, Me Franko and Panda subtitle needed here

I have no idea

It lacks definition but goddamned we have fun


I love you Bridget

OMIGOD! Tommy Shaw is here....AGAIN!

So the girls wanna take a nice pic and look what happens....

Bridget thought she would give Daniel a little TWEEK
Ha ha ha you NASTY HOAR!
I think he liked it!

"I can NOT believe I am outta BEER!"


Panda and Makk

Thought Provoking eh Makk?

Damn Straight!

Its INEVITABLE that some wierdness is going on SOMEWHERE at our table.
I think this was the copious "boob grab round robin".
No we havent mastered it yet.

Aww Look who ALMOST had to stand in line!

Hey Makk...didja have fun?

Well that was yet another Saturday night out with the Rat Pack and the Rock Stars. I often wonder "How can we do this every weekend and never get sick of it.
This is too good to be true!?"

The fact is this, we are great friends, we take care of each other, we know how to have fun and do it right. Very seldom in life do you get a chance to make friends like this, even more seldom the second chance. But here we are. And it just doesnt get any better than this. PERIOD!

And for those that are wondering my tab was 300.00. ahahahahahahahahahaha




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