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2:57 p.m. - January 30, 2006
That the man you still obcessed with every single move you make.

That he is freaking out over shit so bad that he is losing his mind.

Here is the small skinny....

I havent been on Chris' page in eons. But today someone emailed me and told me that he had posted a blog that blatantly had something to do with me. You can tell by the title. However this jackass is notorious for posting blog titles only to get a rise outta people. And ninety percent of the time there isnt even anything in the blogs themselves. If you look at the title it is taken from my blogs. Not biting thank you.

Okay let me backtrack.

One of the big problems Chris and I had (actually it wasnt as big as the lies, him being penniless, him being an abusive drunk, his deceptiveness, him pissing the know the rest) was Frank. Chris made sure Frank and I hated each other. He lied to both of us and kept us at odds. It worked in his favor...for a while.

Well I get an email from Frank apologizing for being a DICK to me. He and I start talking...alot of things come out. For example....

When Chris would take me to the Alley (a white TRASH club on the South SYYYYDE), he would cram me in the booth with Frank so he could go pick up on other chicks.

Chris bad mouthed me all the damn time to Frank and Mike. (I knew that tho actually)

The Stories Chris would tell me about beating up Frank and getting in his face and so on were all over exaggerated fabrications.

So anyways after I saw the blog title I called Frank. This is always good for a giggle. And I asked him if he had talked to the jackass. For the record I try not to bring up jackass and his antics when talking to Frank as I actually like him as a friend) Frank proceeded to tell me that as a matter of fact, the jackass had showed up at the Alley last night going OFF on him about being friends with me. And how I should be deleted and that I used to bad mouth him and that I was playing he and Mikey. Frank said he was basically spinning into oblivion and losing his mother fucking mind. All of this in front of April (his new victim). Now thats the kicker. Mike said that April looked totally confused. Now if I was here I woulda nipped that in the bud...however she is Y.O.U.N.G. and naive and thinks she can fix it all with sex...

Hey doesnt really work with him....I am sorry you are going thru this...but I can tell you, it is going to get worse way way way before he leaves you, broken.

As for me....well I dont really care and actually find his antics comic at best. But it does give me a Secret Satisfaction Of Knowing that in my own way....




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