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12:18 p.m. - February 02, 2006

Some nights are wacky when we go out...
this particular night was just kinda Chill.

And that my friends is nice for a change.
Good friends, a few drinks, going home and capable of remembering it...
well thats cool.

We have a bunch planned in the next few weeks. I get more ink you guys all know I am gonna need to shake that shit off come friday and saturday.

Enough of that is some good shit from home base last weekend!

Beauty Delux...Kat, Wendy and Leslie

Leslie striking a pose

Lora, Yours Truly and Liana

Rat Packers....Leslie, Kat, Me and Wendy

Lora and Liana...definately the icing the cake was missing

Is that Makk or Inspector Gadget?

I love Dara...have I said that before?

Frank and Sammy...ahahahaha

Dean and Joey

The greatest thing in the universe is when you find a missing piece of your puzzle of life. Liana welcome and we love you.

If the Rat Pack pays the electric bill at Bakers then these guys are furniture. Nathan and rule!
Saturdays wouldnt be the same if we didnt get to see you.

Yea I dig the shit outta Jason

My Roller Skating buddy

My reason

Once again the most adorable couple in the world.
Dara and Ryan

Me and the male me ..Makk

Fun times with the Rock Stars!

Lora and Liana...Cream of the Crop!

The serious, Johnathan and Leslie...

So this past weekend was a bit lower key than before. But wait...we have Kats birthday and Kid Rock concert and much much more...
so stay tunned kiddies

Love and More!



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