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12:04 p.m. - February 22, 2007

A few things have occured over the past few days. This has caused me to think long and hard about how I interact with people and the motives behind their actions. I may seem calm and collected and everything A-ok on the outside...when deep down that isnt always the case.

To those of you I hold close to my heart I want to thank you for the loyalty and support through my ups and downs.

For those of you that are aquaintences thank you for the fun. I may seem different from here on out but there is a reason for it. You are being sorted and placed in my life as to where you fit the best. I need to know who I can trust and who I cant. Its a soul cleansing if you will.

For those of you along for the ride. Its over.

Now is the time to decide where you stand in my life. This is by no means an ultimatum. Its a decision. You need to use your head and not the opinions and word of others. Be the bigger person. Then let me know.

If I believe in you, I will do ANYTHING for you. Betray me and it could be life altering depending on how you fit into my world. I am not saying I am the Queen Shit of Greatness, but Im not all bad if you take the time to find out. And once I let you close to me you will see. I dont let many people in to my personal life. If you are one that I have, consider it a compliment. Obviously there is some kind of light with in you that has us together.

So if you want, take out the trash, take my hand and lets have fun...but dont throw sticks in my path....You wont gain anything by that.



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