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11:59 a.m. - September 30, 2007
A Quizzle Mah Dizzle
If you worked for a company
And you found out someone was stealing money
And then you found out that some one was "your supervisor"
And you found out that person had done EVERYthing possible to make it look like YOU did it

1.Would you keep your mouth shut when people ask you?

2.If you found out that the person they were going to potentially marry had no idea would you tell them?

3.If you found out that this person had LIED to their immediate family about their dismissal at work do you think they deserve to know the truth?

4. If this was a company your family was fiancially involved in woud that change any of your feelings?

5. And lastly, how would you feel if this person over the last 2 yrs looked you in the eyes and told you that you were the very best friend they ever had?

...This is just an opinion quiz to see how others out there react to a real life situation. I appreciate all honesty and advice and all you friends out there know you mean the world to me...




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