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11:58 a.m. - September 30, 2007
Answers to the 20 Questions you all have been asking
There are alot of questions that alot of you want answered so here I go to try to cover the majority of them....if I miss any please feel free to ask and I wll answer...I am gonna try to not get to verbiose unless one of you wants an answer in detail then please feel free and I will gladly goes.

1. Did I steal Money from my work? No
2. Do I still work at The Car Store? Yes
3. Am I still getting Married? No
4. Am I broke? No
5. Have I had an upheaval in my personal circle? Yes
6. Did I sell The Orange Car? No
7. due to recent events am I moving? No
8 Will I ever talk to HER again? Most likely No
9. Did I really get hit by a truck? Yes in 1992
10. Do I ever answer my phone? not usually
11. Do I listen to my voice mails? rarely
12. Am I going to "Rocklahoma?" Only if Tracy is here
13. Have the recent turn of events at work changed you in any way? Yes
14. What is one thing you would like to change right now? There are a few friends I would like back...just not my most recent one I lost
15. Are you and Bruce friends again? Yes and better than ever
16. Are you selling any of your guitars? No
17. Can you make any statement about recent turn of events? Yes but on a one on one need to know basis.
18. Have these turn of events changed your lifestyle? Slightly but I dont feel it s really a bad thing.
19. Plans for the 4th? Dunno havent talked to Bruce
20. Plans for the future after looking at recent events? Keep the people close I trust (Adrian, Dirty, Bruce, Kellie, Kelli, Jennifer, Jamie Lynn, Kettea, Tina, Shawna, Roxanne) and be very guarded of any new comers.

Thank you all of you who have held on during this big bunch of shit...Ill pay you back somehow and I love you all



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