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12:32 p.m. - October 09, 2007
Karma 1...Thieving Bitch 0
I always believed there is a higher power and you can call it whatever you believe. God, Athena, the goddess, Buddah, Allah, whatever...but I finally got an affirmative on it.

I live a good life, I am honest, outspoken and sometimes abrasive. Sometimes my traits have cause harm to people or hurt their feelings. I am sorry if I ever hurt anyone that was never my intention. I am also sorry that they arent strong enough handle the truth if they ask me for it. Again I reitterate that if you dont want to know then dont

Lately I was dealt some pretty shitty hands in life and things looked aweful bleak in some areas of my life. I lost my best friend who I found out really wasnt my best friend but kept me close so she could use me to embezzle money from the place we worked. The man I was engaged too turned out to be a gigantic, screaming control freak and so all the money I spent on vacation, the invitations and church was a loss. I got a bad infection on my leg and got very ill. I got a new job but didnt have a pay check for a month. And to top it off people were wondering if I stole money from work too. I still feel like they are looking at me even though I didnt do anything. Even my family looked at me with a questioning eye.

While all this is going on to me the person I thought was my best friend is living the happy fairytale life. She has her boyfriend, they are engaged to be married next year and a friend of mine saw them on another trademarked shopping spree she was so used to. She and I had parted ways because of how bad she fucked me over. Yet she appears to just be able to get away with all of it and I am assed out paying the price for the wrong she has done.

Well yesterday I got word that karma is rearing its beautiful head and she is finally starting to know what it feels like to have your life fall apart. Her soon to be husband was busted for possesion [of what I am not sure]. But she always told me that if he got caught with even a little bit of pot in the house around her kid he was out. I knew he was a user as well as a dealer and tried to tell her. The thing was when I found out for sure was when my ex and I were on the rocks and I knew she would think the only reason I am saying anything is because I want her to be single with me. So I didnt push the issue. So she kicked him out and now she is alone. And she lost the second income she needed to survive and live the lifestyle she is accustomed to. Now on one salary [which cant be that much working for a parking garage company] she is having to pay 2 car payments and insurance, Insurance for a scooter, a house payment and insurance, plus whatever outgoing expenses she has for her kid [which now means chid care as her built in babysitter is gone]. She is also being prosecuted for the money she stole and at the least she will have to pay restitution on at least 40k. Thats more than most people make in a year. And having differed adjudication means she would have had to hire a lawyer and the last I heard her parents didnt know what was up with the money and job. She would of had to come clean to them and that most of all would suck. Can you imagine having to tell your parents that you stole money and needed help for a lawyer? I dunno about anyone else out there but mine would clearly kick my ass.

There were days that went by that I wanted to go to her house and knock on her door and punch her square in the face. I wondered why the cops and The Car Store werent acting faster. I am a knee jerk activist and want results NOW NOW NOW. I was pissed and unsatisfied. Wouldnt you be too?

Well when I found out that all this was going on, even though it isnt exactly what I had in mind for her, but it is a start. I am starting to find peace and my life has leveled out and I am living in a semi stress free life.

So here is my message to you reader...vengance is sweet but it is more rewarding when it is served up by something other than your own hand. So take it from me. When you get dealt a shit hand and someone has really fucked you over remember...what goes around comes TRULY does.

They ALL get what they got coming to them!



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