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8:40 p.m. - January 12, 2008
Thank you PBF and the Internet
You never really know what to expect out of life. Random encounters, life changing moments you dont realize happen until later down the line.

The internet is HUGE. I dont mean from the level of big like you would think, but huge meaning that it makes things possible that would never have happened before the world wide web became a hoousehold necessity.

YEARS ago when I lived in California I was online on a web forum for the band Pretty Boy Floyd. On there I made the 'virtual aquaintance' of Shawna, Kathryn, Tracy, Vito, Bobby, and a few others. Through them I met Jessica, Julie, Danny and Mark who in turn introduced me to Kevin and who now has introduced me to Anne. A friendship domino effect huh?

Tracy and I started talking and I am sure that it probably was about Chad (stinky) and then she and I would meet in LA on occation. Hell she even stayed with me in Orange County once and over the last 5 years she has become one of my dearest friends. Even though we are both flighty goofballs, I can tell her ANYTHING, laugh at myself and have conversations that vary from our fantastic ideas of European Travel together to very serious "dude" conversations.

PBF was playing at Paladinos and Kathryn and Shawna were there and we said "hi" bit that was about the extent of it. We started talking online on MySpace and have gone to SXSW together and Shawna and I a few other trips. Jessica took part in the SXSW trip and became my bar dancing partner. Shawna is a part of my heartbeat, Kathryn brings a view to reality few can embrace and all of us together have had a profound effect on eachother in some manner.

It escapes me how I met Mark but he introduced me to Danny who in turn told me to look at Kevins MySpace page because he was funny. And from that point on Kevin and Shawna and I developed a bond that words can not describe. The funny thing is that we never all three hung out because of one thing or another.

Finally the day came we could get together..and it did...and how glorious it was. Kevin brought Anne with him and let me tell you, she is Amazing. We clicked from the first second we met and now I know that she and I will also be great friends forever.

Its funny how things happen, how people come together. A while back my dog rescue partner Dusti said to me that animals search until they find the person they are to have their forever home with. They endure hardship and pain until they come to rest in their forever homes. I think we as people do that to. We search forever to find the missing pieces in our lives. But once you find them no force in the world can pull us apart.

So I guess I want to thank Steve Summers and the guys in PBF for having a forum and putting me in the presence of some of the best people in the world.

And to all you I mentioned, Thank you for changing my life.



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