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8:42 p.m. - January 12, 2008
Im Not Biting
I have my own drama and issues to deal with in life. Everyone does right? Part of being a friend is listening to your friends stories of their drama and on occasion offering advice. But mostly just listen. I try to do that and expect nothing more from my friends than what I am willing to give them.

I will not choose sides when people are fighting especially if it doesnt involve me directly. I will listen to both sides and dish my opinion accordingly. As I have stated in the past if you dont think you wiull like what I have to say then dont ask.

Recently a few friends have come to blows over disappointment, selfishness, and the fact that none of them can see outside of their own windows. I have been drug into this becuase I am friends with all of them but because I will not choose sides some of them believe that I am being ridiculous. No I am being another "r' word...REALISTIC.

If anyone chooses to pick a fight with me via email etc I am going to tell you right now I am NOT biting. I wont respond to your craziness and I am not going to drown myself in someone elses stupid drama. Especially if I feel they arent taking the whole situation into consideration.

So if anyone out there thinks they are gonna drag me into their self created drama and try to get me to respond to them with a bunchof BS and accusations via email, do me a yourself the effort. I am not Biting.



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