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8:43 p.m. - January 12, 2008
Lemme Tell YOU Sumthin
I am NOT a seventh grader.
I generally do NOT behave like one.
I used to be very volatile but I got that in check.
I have learned that sometimes silence speaks alot louder than angry words.
I will not fight with anyone if it can be avoided at all.
I will turn around and walk away if someone is spewing nonsense, or what I view as nonsense.

As much as I believe in Karma I think sometimes it might need a little nudge.
I have been known to be a nudger.

I do NOT drive by peoples houses and scream and honk all hours of the night.
I do NOT email or call people to throw out some gossip in order to hurt people that haven't done something to me directly.
I don't slash tires.
I don't key cars.
I don't egg houses.
I don't prank call.
I don't do the same asinine acts that people do to me or to others, its just not cool.

You get classed with the people you associate with.
I disassociate myself from trash.
I don't backslide and become involved with someone that has wronged me.

I may not be the richest, prettiest, tallest, smartest or even as much as I hate to say it coolest person around. But I can say that I do NOT purposely fuck people over and reel in their torment. I am pretty OK and if you get to know me you will see that. If you are lucky enough for me to let you in to my life then you can consider yourself in some small way lucky.

The purpose of this blog? To point out that I am certainly not about nudging karmic retribution to happen a little faster to people who deserve it. I wouldn't personally touch anyone or harm anyone but I will do all I can to make them really uncomfortable....from a distance



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