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2:00 p.m. - January 29, 2008
Take a Hint
Okay here is the deal...

There are simple clues in relationships when a person needs to take a hint and swallow the true fact it is OVER.

I wanna break up.
I think you need to move out.
I need some space.
I am going out with my friends.

These are verbal clues that should make a person realize things are not ok.

Not being included in activities.
Your partner only is around when the bills are due.
Sleeping in different rooms.
Not returning emails, texts or phone calls.

These are active clues that its OVER.

I have an ex that is such a hanger-on it makes even my friends crazy. He wont stop with the texts, emails and calls. I blocked him on here so his emails wont go through. I guess I should block him on regular email but I need to have some evidence of harassment if I have to file a TRO.

Thats why I am writing this blog.

I usually say "dont give it a name and it will go away". That is so NOT THE CASE with this fool. His actions are text book....

Angry and lashing out emails and texts. They are insulting and hateful. He says things via text like "Ill keep you my dirty little secret" [which always happens after that laundry commercial]. This foo even just resends it so I get the "duplicate message' notice. Idiot. Then its pathetic and pleading.

Here are some emails and what I woulda responded had I done it...this is good for a giggle. Please note the progression from evil to pathetic to evil to pathetic :

"Time will take care of you,and what and what you have done!!!!!
Can you dig it."
~~~~~~~~> what exactly did I do besides put you out on the street? TWICE!

"What bothers you most? The lieing,the stealing or the fact your going to look just like your mom? What ever it is the guilt will bother you for years to come.Once agian I extend my help to someone and Im taken advantage of. And the sad thing is you couldnt give a Dam.Shame on your empty heart."
~~~~~~~~~> I never lied to you and you had NOTHING for me to "steal" yea you left a fugly rug here and I put it out on the corner on trash left it I didnt "steal" it. Take advantage of you? Naw, it was MY house, I paid for all the trips and car repairs for your POS truck. You didnt pay squat til you came back and gave me 500.00 cash for my trip and spending money. I never asked for anything other than for you to split the bills. Which in your mind I was ripping you off...Uh no...My house my rules...What bothers me most is that I wasted time and groceries on you. I couldnt even keep any food in the house and found myself keeping provisions in my car and hiding the keys so you couldnt get to them. Thank the gods you were too fat to fit into any of my cars. Oh and I love my mom so fuck off. Oh and learn to spell please.

"Goodby. You are what you are,you do what you have to do to survive.But you should not do it at thee expense of others, or me. I really did care about you very much,but your plans never included me or us just you.Thats your choice, I can live with it.Im going away to relax ,and maybe meet someone,no one should grow old alone.Dont waste your talet your one of the smartest people i have ever known.If or paths cross agian i hope you can smile and for a few moments, stop and say hello. Good bye,Danny.
~~~~~~~~~>Please promise its on another planet. Again, spellcheck?

"Yu just need to know, I never meant to say anything to hurt you but I did. Only after you provoked me is why I said those things anyway, you know tit for tat. So for what ever reason I will always feel a connection to you ,so that being said,take care and if it seams you have no one to turn to you will always be able to call me, or e-mail."
~~~~~~~~~~> I wont but thanks. Please dont contact me again.

"If you need me You can call anytime should u need me im not mad at you anymore,you said you would be my friend so, i can also be yours too."
~~~~~~~~~~>I said I would be your friend to make you leave without a fight. I had no intention then or now of being friendly with you.

"Be Well. Done with this place going to start somewhere else,but I will see you before then.Money isn't everything but it helps.Maybe you don't think so, we should of stayed together.Its all right your choose.Be cool dont hate life is to short. Bye"
~~~~~~~~~~>You obviously dont do anything you say ...please go away.

"Please understand. For whatever reason I just want to say, all I ever wanted was to be happy with you .I thougth it could of been , Just was'nt the right time yet.But Im glad for the time we shared. I wanted to be your Rock Star ,sorry. Bye "
~~~~~~~~~~>If you dont know Ozzy's first band you cant be a rockstar. Reality check douchebag.

"Friend. We've been threw this twice,we never meant to hurt each other with our words this time or the last! So please respond to me,I really dont understand why you pull at me the way you do.You and I will always be a part of each other,we can be friends. "
~~~~~~~~~~> I meant everything I said to you when I told you to go away. Be a sponge and absorb it. I think you need rehab or therapy.

"Turn your back. It is ok you go on doing what your doing,you have turned your back on me twice.But the day will come when you turn around and I'll be thier , you be well see you around."
~~~~~~~~~~>Say it....STALKER

Just for the record I didnt respond to any of these emails. He wont stop. He cant read this either. My point exactly? If you ever think you need to send another and another and another message...write it and delete it. Because I am sure that this behavior is not only annoying to me but to anyone that receives it.

Over is over.

Nothing is more unattractive than a hanger on.



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