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12:41 p.m. - May 01, 2008
I found this in a forum....Its amazing
When you live like I live,
you come to accept certain truths:
days dragged under with the anchor,
empty bottles,
loss of privacy,
Episcopal neighbors,
and that God-forsaken sun.

You shake that shit off,
you pry the bedbugs from your body,
piss a stream of fire,
comb your hair,
and fake it for one more day.

Then in those sweet hours of the night
you sip divinity from red plastic cups,
speak without hesitation
greet Satan at the door
take his booze
and tell him the party is two houses down.

Around you is the smell of extermination,
the horror of empty bars,
loveless women,
and disobedient dogs.

With this bottle I grant you amnesty.
Drink to your hearts content,
rent a big apartment,
and pay for it with drugs and art.



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